Brow Butter and Duo Brush Bundle

  1. Brow Butter Colour
  2. Duo Brow Brush

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Define and recreate your brows with this amazing product. Our revolutionary brow butters are highly pigmented and glide on effortlessly to create a WOW BROW for everyone! Apply to brows with our eyeliner/brow duo angle brush for definition and control.

  1. Brow Butter
  2. Duo Brush

Packaged in a black matte compact with mirror @ 3.5 grams net wt.

3 Shades

  • Blonde
  • Chocolate
  • Dark Brown

2 reviews for Brow Butter and Duo Brush Bundle

  1. Elizabeth McLeish

    I’m obsessed with the brow butter, it’s so easy to put on and it lasts all day even through a workout! Definitely going to be one of my staple products in my everyday makeup routine.

  2. Bella Dee

    Absolutely love the brow butter! I’ve never used one but what a huge difference it makes to my brows! Lasts all day and easy to apply with the little brush!

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